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Talkasia – German Photography & Travel & Lifestyle Blog from Frankfurt / Main

Hi, my name is Mici. I live, work, blog and take photos in Frankfurt on the Main – my home is vietnam. I’m working in finance.

My German Photography & Travelblog – what else is behind this?

My Concept is: Beautiful Pictures, Smart Words. Talkasia adresses the topics Travel and Photography. The Focus is on Luxury and Designhotels, as well as Powersightseing, Nature, Roadtrips and Adventures. Some people might think this is a  contradiction, for me this is my way to travel. Hiking, filming, taking pictures. This Blog is a part of my life, a diary. I also write about Food, Fashion, Career, the life in and around Frankfurt and the topic of Sustainability& Minimalism.

Talkasia goes a long way back!

I started Talkasia in 2008. It changed a lot since then. Sometimes I focussed more on Beauty, Fashion or Food. If you are interested in a cooperation, just take a look here.

We can, if we want to. We will, if we want to. If not now, when? 

My resolution for 2016 is to go on a journey every 8 weeks.


Forget everything and run
Face everything and rise


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